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Solid Wood Flooring

Have you ever considered to fit the solid wood flooring in your house. You should have it? Why? Here's some basics you need to know.

Solid wood flooring is a purely natural and healthy product that has been used by human for ages. The natural apperance of wood and its durability made the wood flooring the most desired type of floor. This type of flooring is a "living" material that breath out and absorb the moisture from the air. This natural behavior creates the healthy and non allergic and well environment in the room but may also occur some imperfections in the floor itself so before installation consult your interior suitability with professional. Solid wood is trully unique (there is no 2 the same looking pieces of woods). It has a good heat insulation - warm feeling when walking with bare foot. As it is absorbable material it has endless combinations of colours and finishes. Solid wood has also resandable surface - so the floor can be restored to its original beauty even after 100 years. Solid wood flooring comes in many design patterns (floorboard, herringbone, chevron, brick, endgrain, etc) you can find the one fitting your preferences. Wood is recyclable material so even after 100 years it has a value. Solid wood is valuable material having very positive impact to your property.

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